Hey i just remembered that when i was younger, stupider, and ignoranter (i know, bad grammer but WHO CARES, oh right i do most of the time but oh well.) i was completely idiotic as to where i could get free mangas and anime and spent hundreds of bucks on books i hardly ever pick up anymore but i'm sure if you're on this website your not as stupid as i was then, but just in case you haven't heard of them hear are some good websites:

Manga websites...

www.manga123.com... one of the best websites; well organized, tells you last updated and completed so you know if it's done or not and how likely it is to be updated soon, the longer ago and update was the less likely it is of being updated again soon.

www.mangafox.com... another good website, tells you the same things www.manga123.com does except there are some it won't let you get to because it has already been published so that sucks.

www.anymanga.com... anymanga.com is okay but has really low variety

www.mangarush.com... is a website really similar to mangafox.com


www.manga.animea.net... another good website even though i don't use it very often

www.ourmanga.com... not that sure about this one, it used to be my primary source of manga, but now for some reason it doesn't work right on my computer. that makes me mad.

Anime websites...

www.animefreak.tv... is a pretty good website even though i usually go to youtube or google. it is probably the best website specifically for anime.

www.narutowire.com... was originally one of my favorite websites but has ceased working on my computer and i'm not so sure how it would work on yours

Anime/manga picture websites...

www.theotaku.com... is one of my favorite website out of many for good pic websites and it has good variety

www.deviantart.com... you know how i said theotaku.com was ONE of my favorites, this is the other. deviantart.com has several amazing artist contributing work. the only problem is searching through the bad stuff for the good stuff and if you look through my "pics gallery" tab you will find several pics from deviantart.com especially in the naruto section.

www.animegalleries.net... is a good source but not quite as good as the first two and when using it it is typically best to be less specific

www.animestocks.com... good with what it has but it doesnt have much, almost no variety

www.animewallpapers.com... i can't tell you much about this one, i've been a bit too busy to go on this website lately and if your wondering what kept me busy... I WAS BUILDING A WEBSITE... not to mention i had an ass-load of art homework this summer.

and if you feel like looking up general anime like just typing in "cute anime girls" or "cute anime guys" then regular places would be fine too such as... www.photobucket.com or www.google.com

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