Princess princess

It’s just a typical day for the princesses with cheerleading, appearing in classrooms for the guys, and of course cross-dressing.

They get called to the student council room. “What do they want now” the princesses thought. They arrived at the room and entered.  Shortly after they found out they were there for one of the privileges of the princesses. “As of today the princesses will have a week break; you can go home, hang out in town, do whatever you want,” the president said, so after the meeting the princesses left and headed to the dorms. Mikoto’s idea was to head straight to Megumi’s house while Yuujiro and Toru were just planning on hanging out in town every day and sneaking back into the dorms at night. So they set off. Yuujiro and Toru went into town and went to some movies then were heading to get some food until they ran into an extremely hot girl “hey could you help me… I’m totally lost!” she said as they came past her. They stopped and found out she was new in town and was on her way to meet a friend at “teen beat” the hottest teen club in town, so they led her there and say that “the friend” she was meeting was also extremely hot. “hey kana, what took you so long” the girl yelled “hey Saiyuki, sorry I’m late, I got lost” Kana explained then Saiyuki noticed the two guys standing right next to kana “Hey are you two the heroes who showed Kana the way” Saiyuki said as she got closer and the boys looked confused so she continued “you two were nice enough to show kana the way here so wanna hang out with us for a while.” the boys glanced at each other then looked back at the girls, smiled, and then nodded. These two were perfect, just their types (to find out their types watch ep 4) Kana was Toru’s type and Saiyuki was Yuujiro’s type. Kana was lightly tanned with cerulean blue eyes and long golden brown hair; Kana was the most beautiful girl at Teen beat the only person who could rival her beauty was Saiyuki with her beautiful medium length black hair and amethyst color eyes. They both had a great complexion and even greater personality however Saiyuki is the more outspoken type while Kana is a bit more reserved but at least they both know how to hold a good conversation.

the guys were pleased with the way things were going, they were planning on just hanging out, seeing a movie or something, and possibly getting pissed by being confused with girls even out of costume, but instead they end up hanging with two of the cutest girls they've ever met. they hung out at the club for about an hour or two and then headed to the movies like they had planned only now they have dates, afterwards at the request of Kana they headed to the park where they got"split up" Yuujiro and saiyuki went one way and Kana and Toru went another way.

Kaiyuki Wanijima

  It’s a beartiful day but for some reason there is also a depressing aura. The aura was coming from the dorms of bell liberty academy, BLA for short. BLA was a boarding school for the geniuses and prodigies; it was an amazing campus with a gorgeous natural settings. So why would there be such a depressing aura around the dorms? The answer is Kaiyuki. Kaiyuki was supposedly the most beautiful, smart, and talented girl at BLA but unknown to most was how extremely complex her life is.

Kaiyuki is in her room staring off into space, it had been three years since she moved to the dorms and started her life at Bell liberty academy and she was beginning to get awfully homesick… well she may have been homesick the whole time but ran out of the strength to hide it. Kaiyuki, the middle child of three but also the most responsible, decided that she needed to go to school so she could get a good job and support her family of two brothers, Akito and Keito, who incidently after she left began working with the police and using Akito for his own purposes. She never cared much for keito but she cared dearly for her younger brother, Akito. She wanted to be able to provide for him; she knew that keito was a horrible person and she wanted to get akito away from him A.S.A.P. And that was her plan, she was a genius and I don’t mean a regular genius she was smarter than most other geniuses also; she had planned on finishing a year ago and had not anticipated it taking this long even though at the rate she’s going she should graduate in at least another year if not sooner. Kaiyuki has made many friends at Bell Liberty Academy but none was able to distract her from her grief.

“kaiyuki, what are you doing here? Don’t you have clubs today and when you skip don’t you usually go out training your AT’s. Are you feeling alright?” a voice came from the doorway. It was Ando, one of her best friends, he was tall and pale with black hair and gentle black eyes. “I don’t know anymore… no offense, I just want to graduate and get my ass out of here.” Ando grinned “you and me both, but don’t worry we’ll be out of here in no time… anyway do you think going for a visit would make you feel better, we get a week off in two weeks.” Kaiyuki suddenly remembered the week off. In the past she had previously been too busy to find any time to return home but now getting a chance she couldn’t get up fast enough to start packing until Ando reminded her there were still two weeks till the break. Kaiyuki instead of packing, thought it would be more fun if she dragged along some of her friends, the rest of SAMUI NATSU (cold summer), so she rounded everyone up and got there plans together. After all is said and done she goes back to her room and continued staring at the picture in her room of her brother and wondered if he was alright after three years.

Meanwhile, at ikki’s house everyone is looking at a picture they found in Akito’s room. “WHO THE HILL IS THIS!!!” “SHE’S HOT!!!” “BUT ISN’T AKITO GAY!!!” Ikki, Onigiri, and Kazu were yelling back and forth when Ringo walked in “what are you three doing” she asked then she took one look at the picture and yelled “NO WAY! HOW DID AKITO GET THIS PICTURE!! YOU DON’T KNOW WHO THIS IS!!” The boys were speechless “who is it?” then Ringo explained…

“This is a picture of Kaiyuki aka The queen of snow.                                                  She was the person who created the first pair of AT’s, but she disappeared 3 years ago. Do you know how much just a picture of her is worth now, it's like a collectable?!”

Ikki snatched the picture immediately planning on selling it online when Akito walked in and noticed the picture in Ikki’s hand and in somewhat wrinkled condition. He snatched it back as fast as he could “what do you think you are doing” he yelled. Ikki saw the anger in his face “what? We were just wandering why you had a picture of Kaiyuki in your room” he somewhat lied since he was planning on selling it but couldn’t tell Akito that. “it is none of your business.” Akito said defensively, he left the room and everyone wondered what was up with him.

 The next day he seemed really depressed. He didn’t say a word all day so at night they figured it couldn’t hurt to call keito and see if he knew why Akito was so depressed. So they call and the conversation went something like this…

Keito: Hello, who the hell is this

Ikki: it’s ikki I have a question for you

Keito: fuck you! Go bug someone else

Ikki: it’s about kaiyuki


Ikki: we found a picture of her in Akito’s room and now he seems depressed. 

Keito: so he still hasn't let her go

Ikki: What are you talking about

Keito: Kaiyuki used to be with us until three years ago. She bailed on us and hasn't shown her face again. She told him that she’d come back as soon as possible but she’s definitely forgotton about us by now however akito won’t accept it.

Ikki: wait! so you knew Kaiyuki personally

Keito: yeah, she trained Akito herself well if that is all you needed bye. oh yeah, and DON'T FUCKIN CALL ME AGAIN!!!

then they hung up and just after Mikan came in "jeez would it kill you to get the mail on your way in" she complained flipping through the letters to see if on was for her "hey there's one for akito from Bell Liberty academy" and then Akito who had been in his room pretty much blocking everyone else out came running in. he grabbed the letter ripped it open and skimmed it and a huge smile appeared on his face and he ran back to his room before anyone could ask him what it was about. they all just stared at each other.

Akito couldn't believe his eyes. he kept reading it over and over again in his head and this is what it said...

Hey Akito, it's been a while hasn't it. i'm really sorry i haven't contacted you in so long, i had every intention to keep in touch but thing were just so hectic and it has been a pain in the butt trying to find any free time but i finally found some, the week of the 24th i have school off and i've decided that would be the perfect time to come back for a visit and not only that i don't have more that a year left to go then i can come back permanently isn't that great! i can't wait to see ya!

                        your loving sis, Kaiyuki

then something suddenly occured to him, how did she know where he was staying. but he didn't care he was just glad she was coming for a visit.

Kaiyuki Sohma

Everyone is on a class trip now and everything starts out OK for Yuki, Kyo, and Tohru, except for Yuki not being able to wake up again. The teachers get everyone gathered together and told them where they are going today “there’s supposedly going to be a concert in the park today, and we are somewhat interested in seeing it and who is singing.” Everyone seemed pretty excited it was the best thing that they did on the trip yet. So everyone left.

On their way to the park, a man came running around the corner with a three cops following him. Looking for a way to escape, he decides to take a hostage, he grabbed Tohru by the arm before anyone had noticed he was aiming for her. He pointed a gun to her head and told the cops not to come any closer or he’d shoot. And the worst part is Yuki, Kyo, Uotani, and Hanajima were useless to help; there was no way for Yuki Kyo or Uotani to approach him and Hanajima couldn’t use her waves or he might panic and shoot anyway.

Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere a girl wearing a helmet and rocket powered skates showed up, she moved so fast no one could see her as she was making her move. She pulled tohru away from the man and at the same time grabbed the hand with the gun and forced him to point the gun upward, she had such a grip on him it seemed she would break his wrist off. "who the hell are you?!!" he yelled but she just grinned and at the same time kneed him in the stomach making him lose grip of the gun and sending him flying. everyone was silent. she emptied the gun of its bullets, broke it and threw it away. it was useless now. she walked over to Tohru, who had gotten knocked down when she was pushed out of the way and the girl took off her helmet and with an out stretched hand asked "are you okay?" Yuki and Kyo recognized her right off the back "Kaiyuki!! what are you doing here?!!" they both yelled for once they agreed on something. She looked at them "traveling" was her answer Uotani and Hanajima interrupted when they went over and thanked her whole heartedly for saving Tohru there hearts literally stopped when they saw the gun pointed to Tohrus head but then out came the important question "how do you know Yuki and Kyo. She had a thoughtful look on her face as if she was pondering the question. Kaiyuki had dark brown wavy hair and deep cerulean blue eyes along with a tall slim figure and slight tan. and just as she was about to speak, her cell began to ring. "oh shit i'm late" she yelled and ran off saying "see you later"

after that it was pretty quiet accept for the constant questions on if Tohru was okay. then they headed of to the concert.

The adventures of inuyasha and friends

Chapter 1: Welcome to our Forest

Inuyasha and the rest are all in front of some woods conversing about the jewel shard. “are you sure there’s a jewel shard in there, Kagome?” said Inuyasha when he noticed Kagome looked unsure Kagome replied with a wavering “yes” then turned her attention to Miroku who seemed very worried at the moment. “Miroku is something wrong?” she asked “it’s just there’s such a strong demonic aura emanating from that forest.” He replied. Everyone agreed. Sango all of a sudden spoke up “something about this place; it seems familiar” she said and that shocked Miroku “what do you mean? Have you been here before?” he questioned. She answered “I believe I’ve heard about this place; the HALF DEMON FOREST, I heard from my father, this place is a forest without humans or demons only half-demons because if either of those go in they’re killed” Miroku remembered it too “oh right. I heard about it too; I heard that once 50 soldiers and monks entered the forest and shortly after they entered they were surrounded and killed within seconds, only one escaped and barely.” Shippo starts shaking “k-k-killed in seconds?” he asked and Inuyasha starts messing with him “what’s the matter Shippo? Scaaaared?” he teased and that made Kagome mad “Inuyasha! SIT!!!!!” she shouted Inuyasha lay flat on the ground. “Why, Kagome?” He struggled to say. She answered angrily “stop teasing Shippo!” and then with a sudden change in attitude “now then, lets go” she said happily. Inuyasha still laying on the ground said “What?!!!! You’re just going to leave me here” Inuyasha then scrambled to get up and they left.

Several hours later, they have been walking for a long time and no sign of any ½ demons. Everyone starts wondering if they where wrong about the forest and just as a feeling of relief began to set in Kagome extinguishes it when she says “that’s strange, the more I follow the sacred jewel, the further away it seems’ and Inuyasha freaked out when he heard that “WHAT?!!!” he shouted “quiet” Miroku said all of a sudden “what is it?” Kagome asked “I think we’re being followed” “so you felt it too, that impossibly strong demonic aura following us” Sango said “I thought I smelled something; there are two of them and they’re half-demons” they’re all frozen now looking around “what should we do? Should we slay them?” Kagome asked and Inuyasha answered “I say attack them before they attack us.” Every one agrees, and then Inuyasha pulls out his sword and attacks “WINDSCAR!!!!” he shouts. Then, all of a sudden out of nowhere a ½ demon comes and jumps in front of the attack. “huh, what just happened” says Kagome and everyone is confused and then two younger ½ demon twins, one ½ fox demon and the other ½ wolf demon, came running out from  behind the tree “onii-chan!!!” they screamed. Everyone was just standing there staring in awe unable to believe that the demonic aura was coming from two little kids appeared. “Who are they?” Shippo asked as looked at the crying ½ demon girls, when another ½ demon appeared “whoa, what happened here? Looks like someone’s going to be in trouble.” She said. She had wings, bright blue eyes and clothes, and shimmering blond hair, she was sitting on a tree limb; her name was Karin. “Who are you” asked Kagome, and an evil grin appeared across her face; she stayed silent. And that really pissed Inuyasha off, but before he got a chance to say anything else she flew down and walked over to the twins. No one could hear what she was saying to them but the twins nodded when she was finished, she bent over and picked up their brother, Akemi, “we’re usually peaceful unless someone hurts someone in the forest like those soldiers and priests that tried to pick a fight and were wiped out by Kohana and Suzume.” She said “and who are they?” Inuyasha shouted back angrily then Karin started laughing and then said with anger in her tone “there the sisters of the man you just attacked; they’re stronger than they look so you better watch out they are merciless against anyone who hurts their brother” then she walked off before anymore could be said. It was apparent that Akemi was still alive since you could see his chest rise and fall with each breath. However you could see how pissed the two young girls were, it was written all over their faces. Their demonic power was overwhelming as they were preparing to battle Inuyasha. In fact, despite their aura Inuyasha was about to make the same mistake many demons had made when dealing with him; he was underestimating them. But just after Karin and Akemi were completely out of sight, the girls who have been crying or glaring at Inuyasha the whole time now actually spoke up just to say a few sentences with an enormously sly sadistic grin “you’re dead guys now; oh and welcome to our forest”

Chapter 2” the guardians of shards; Shippo makes peace

The battle of the sisters vs. Inuyasha & friends is about to begin. “I can take care of these two kids” Inuyasha said being cocky, which made the twins had and they attacked “FENIX FIRE!!!” Suzume yelled and Inuyasha countered with the wind scar; Kohana blocked it with her water shield and then shot her silver arrow which Miroku threw of coarse with his wind tunnel and Sango followed up with her hiraikutsu; the twins dodged and Shippo tried to help by using his fox fire but Kohana blocked it with her water shield again so Kagome shot a sacred arrow. After all that they were getting annoyed so they used their strongest attack “TWIN DRAGONS!!!” they said in unison and blew them away.

Inuyasha and everyone else were knocked unconscious. “Should I kill em or you?” Suzume asked scowling “nah let’s just leave it at this; if they do anything again, then we’ll kill them” Kohana replied and they both left.

Several hours later, Inuyasha wakes up and looks around and everyone is just waking up also. They are wandering what happened and where the twins have gone “why didn’t they finish us off?” Kagome asked and a voice came out of nowhere “they’re to kind for their own good” it said; it was Karin. They were shocked “what do you mean they’re kind they knocked us out” Inuyasha shouted and Karin responded in monotone “the just wanted to show you how their brother felt; he may have survived and he actually is a really fast healer even for a half-demon but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel pain. But enough about that who are you and why are you here?” everyone huddled together and decided it would be OK to tell her since there was a chance she might know where it was. “We’re looking for a sacred jewel shard” Kagome said. “Oooooh, well I have another question. Are you willing to die for it?” she said Everyone seemed to take it as a threat “what?!” they yelled, each gripping their weapons, while Karin explained “this forest is usually pretty peaceful but with the rumors of the existence of our forest going around often there are demons who have acquired sacred jewel shards and want to test how strong we are so they come picking fights. Well, we have some pretty strong half-demons around so after an attack a few years ago when some revealed their true strength they were picked to watch and protect the sacred jewel shards and what’s worse, well worse for you, is that the two people selected to be the guardians of the jewel shards are the same two people who just whooped your asses.” Everyone just looked at each and when they turned their attention back to where Karin had been, she was gone.

Later that night around the campfire everyone is thinking about what she said and wonder if they’ll be able to find the twins and get the sacred jewel shard then Shippo gets up and says “I’m going to get some fire wood” and he left.

A short while later Shippo hears laughter and talking so he goes to investigate and he spots Kohana and Suzume. “I’m gonna get you sis” Kohana said jokingly and Suzume joked back, “in your dreams girl! Ha ha ha. Wait! Who’s there?” she noticed Shippo and he got scarred “please don’t hurt me!” he yelled and they consoled him “don’t worry, if we attack you it’s for a reason otherwise we would’ve killed you back then” Kohana stated and Shippo apologized about what happened to their brother; they understood and since he was completely healed already they weren’t mad anymore and forgave him and Shippo started asking a few questions about the forest “why is it that there aren’t any demons or humans here” Shippo asked and Kohana was the one to answer it “every ½ demon here has something against a human or demon; and if demons come they come for trouble and since there are so many ½ demons here humans are too afraid.” She said but that answer just brought up another question “what do you have against humans” he asked, and the twins told him about the incident. “Our mother” they started “our own mother attempted to kill us” and that was all they said they left after that.

A little bit later Shippo was heading back to the others while thinking about what they said “how could someone do that to their own kids” he thought but then Kagome came out of nowhere “Shippo?! There you are. We’ve been looking for you. What took so long? Huh? What’s wrong?” she said but he just stood there with a really sad look and Kagome asked “what’s wrong Shippo?” but he didn’t answer he just looked down “do you think he ran into a demon” Sango questioned but Miroku contradicted “I don’t think that would make him this depressed” Miroku said and they started questioning him “Shippo, what happened when you went to get fire wood and don’t say nothing” Kagome asked and he finally answered “I ran into those two girls again” he said; they were shocked and Miroku shouted “you did? What did they do to you but he quickly stopped the accusation “nothing, we just talked.” He said and Sango replied “what did they say?” and Shippo responded “I asked them, why only ½ demons are here? They said it was because everyone had some thing against humans or demons. So I asked what they had against humans and it turned out that their own mother tried to kill them” every one was shocked “what else did they say after that” Miroku asked and Shippo said “nothing, after that they said they were late to get somewhere else.” They then decided to try and find out more about this place and the so called guardians. “they hang out around the waterfall a lot we can probably bump into them if we head over there” Shippo said and it was decided that Shippo would go talk with them and everyone else would be hiding nearby so they could help if anything happens.

The next day at the waterfall the twins were there again but this time they were training. “Ha hiya, I’m gonna get you Suzu-chan” Kohana said enthusiastically and Suzume retorted “don’t you ever get tired of saying that, Kana-chan” then Kohana used a new attack she just figured out. She used her twin fang destroyer and Suzume countered with her own version of twin dragons, but Akemi was a bit worried “girls I think you’re going a bit too serious for training” they just responded by saying “gomen, we just got a little wound up” and then training was over. Akemi said “well then that’s enough for today; I’ll be in town if ya need me. See ya” and he left. Next the twins called Shippo out; “ok Shippo, we know your there. How long have you been spying on us Shippo-chan?” they said jokingly. Just as Shippo was about to say one of there names Suzume stopped him and told him “don’t even think of calling me Suzume call me Suzu-chan” and then Kohana agreed “mm-hmm and call me Hana-chan” every one watching was shocked “they’re so nice to him” Sango said and they continued to listen to Shippo and the twins “hey hey, Shippo I almost beet Suzu-chan” Kohana said excitedly then Suzume cut her off and said “that’s an overstatement, you weren’t even close” and the conversation goes on.

Chapter 3: The Twins Exciting Past

“Oh hey, I have some questions for you guys” Shippo started and they responded “questions? What kinda questions?” His first question was about how the twins were chosen to watch the sacred jewel shards “oh that’s all” they said in unison and the story begins.

(Begin flashback)

“It happened a while ago. First of all Akemi isn’t our real brother, we were saved by onii-chan and he brought us here. A little bit after that, a demon was attacking and he had a sacred jewel shard as soon as he got here he started talking trash.The1/2 demons fought their best but things didn’t go so well and onii-chan was grabbed, while we were hiding behind a tree as ordered. All of a sudden all I could think about was saving onii-chan we would’ve put our lives on the line, and suddenly we just started running we wanted to help so much nothing else mattered anymore and we showed our true strength, we didn’t even know we had, everyone was telling us to back down since they didn’t know how strong or determined we were, so then without thinking we let out our twin dragons attack and we beat him. We went up to him and took the jewel shard so that he wouldn’t be able to heal himself and the jewel shard was purified so in the end they decided that we should take care of it that and every other sacred jewel shard that ever comes into our possession.”

(End flashback)

“anymore questions?” they asked Shippo and then Shippo replied hesitantly “I was wandering if I could get more details on what exactly happened with your mother” they were a bit shocked that he asked and it was a bad memory but they didn’t mind telling him, so they started.

(Begin flashback)

“Well, we were always trusting as little kids; it was like we couldn’t help it. we were always picked on; we never fought back, afraid that we would only make things worse; and we were very gullible our mother started saying ‘why won’t you learn, you keep getting into trouble but don’t fight back to get out of it I’m afraid one day you might get killed’ she would lecture us daily, the same thing ‘be more careful of who you trust; someone will end up hurting you’ and then she was the one that hurt us the most, not on the body but in our hearts, the pain of betrayal. She had been acting weird lately but we didn’t think it was anything big, however when we got home she seemed intense and mad about something. And while I was sleeping I heard a scream come from our younger sister’s room; when I got there mom had a knife in her hand and our younger sister was dead on the floor; killed in her sleep. Mother turned around and tried to kill Suzu-chan too but she was too quick; as mother chased Suzu-chan around she knocked over a candle lighting our house on fire; as we were cornered too full of shock to fight back, onii-chan showed up and saved us; he simply knocked the knife out of her hands; but as we left she didn’t follow us; she just said ‘lesson learned’ and died.

(End flashback)

They all sat there in silence until Kohana said “it’s not all bad if it weren’t for that we would have never met onii-chan” and Suzume agreed “yeah. But I feel like there’s some thing we don’t know about onii-chan like it wasn’t just an accident that onii-chan showed up like he went there just for us” and at that moment Shippo, trying to change the subject, asked where the sacred jewel shard was and they responded with, to the disappointment of Shippo and everyone else “we can’t tell you” and then they continued, they were so certain no one would figure it out that they said “but we’ll give you a hint. OK; its in a place unthinkable, unseeable, in the dark and damp, hidden the shards with jewels as lamps; try to figure that out” “my head hurts; hmm a place you wouldn’t think of and can’t see, and at the same time dark and damp. I’m thinking cave but what cave?” he said and they giggled as he started asking “is it in a cave.” “Nope” they answered “somewhere in a tree?” he asked again “nope” they responded “is it underwater? Anywhere? Nowhere?” he asked getting frustrated “nope, nope, nope” they answered once again “are you just saying ‘no’ to everything I say?” Shippo finally asked and they answered “yup” and they giggled until Kohana noticed how hungry she was and she started rolling on the ground saying “I’m hungry, I’m hungry, I’m huuungry!!” and Inuyasha and every one just stared thinking “what the heck’s going on” and Miroku said a bit sarcastically “somehow Kohana seems more excitable than Suzume” and they looked up just in time to see the three of them getting ready to leave “come on I’ll buy you some food” they heard Suzume say and Kohana said “ok; come on Shippo, I’ll show you around” everyone was wondering what they were talking about they didn’t think that there would be a village in that forest. “oh and tell your friends hiding in the bushes they can come too” Kohana said and Inuyasha shouted “how’d you find out we were here?” then Kohana and Suzume both pointed to their noses. When Inuyasha and everyone else caught up to them all of them left.

At the village they heard sounds of playing and people talking all around and there were all kinds of ½ demons there even a few ½ dog demons “wow so many ½ demons, I didn’t expect a village to be here” Sango stated then out of nowhere Karin showed up and said “whoa it’s the humans WITH  the guardians, isn’t that great, so you guys made peace, how nice” but another ½ demon showed up and yelled “no, these people injured Akemi-chan, how can you just forgive them like that; it pisses me off!” but the twins defended them; Suzume said “well, Akemi’s ok now, and they didn’t know who they were attacking; so just forget about it.” And Kohana followed with “plus Shippo-chan is a nice demon” them she marched off and the twins just said “that’s Miwa jus ignore her; she has a secret crush on our brother, but doesn’t show it. Which is just so stupid, especially since he likes her back; oh well, let’s go” and everyone just went on while Kagome was thinking “I wonder if Kohana likes Shippo, the way she complimented him.” And then Akemi appeared “Suzume? Kohana? You’re here already? Why are these guys with you” he said immediately and they had to explain again “they didn’t mean to attack us; um I mean they didn’t know who we were” and then Kohana’s stomach growled and Suzume said “wow you’re stomachs growling is even louder than you’re snoring” and Kohana immediately retorted, now really pissed off, “I DON’T SNORE!” and to continue teasing Suzume said “how would you know you’re asleep” Kohana was getting ready to defend herself but before she could her stomach growled interrupting her and they went on to a restaurant all of them together.


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