hey there, i was just thinking about what i said on the homepage about getting random sometimes so if i have a random thought suddenly and feel compelled to type it down i can do it right here. YAY!! 

maybe i should make a whole tab just for my random thoughts... DONE

Pocky is like the most awesome snack ever! talk about addicting!

i'm exhausted: maybe i shouldn't have gone for an hour and a half long bikeride when it's 100 degrees farenheit outside.

don't base my intelligents off of what i say here. i'm really smart, i get straight A's. i have plenty book smarts, it's the common sense i'm lacking

i LOVE DOGS!!! I LOVE THEM, I LOVE THEM, I LOVE THEM!!! THEY ARE JUST SO CUTE AND FUZZY!... ESPECIALLY MY PUPPY PONCHO!!... yeah uh, i'm a dog lover, i also love cats, wolves, and foxes.

i miss the puppies (we had to sell them) and i miss the chinchillas (i haven't seen them since i graduated middle school)

this is Kyoya from ouran high school host club

i'm unbelievably bored right now

damn! stupid brunswick with it's confusing as hell speedlimits. I HONESTLY THOUGHT THE SPEEDLIMIT WAS 45 WHEN IT WAS 30! now i have to pay 50 bucks... DAMMIT! 

DAMN!! buddy was bad again but he has one of those cute and innocent faces you can't stay mad at.

MY NIECE DRIVES MY CRAZY!... sorry i need to vent my anger

Man, the heat makes miss the cold of winter when the cold of winter makes me miss the heat of summer... i guess the grass is always green, Spring is my favorite season

have you ever had one of those moments when something embarassing or bad just happened and everything went quiet just as it happened so everyone heard it... talk about akward.


I've had up to nine dogs at once: four welsh corgi purebred puppies, a welsh corgi named foxy, a beagle named buddy, an irish setter named bailey, a palmeranian chihuahua named PONCHO, and a rottweiler named Izzy

this is tamaki comforting haruhi from ouran high school host club

COOOOFFFFEEEE!!!! Mmmmmm... coffee good!!

i wish i have a pool. we already have a hot tub but it's to hot for me and pretty much useless during the summer when i'm already burning up! why couldn't we bring it with us when we moved here 7 years ago... a pool would be perfect after a long bike ride.

DAMN! you have no idea how much i'm craving starbucks!... have you ever had one of those days when you feel like you'd do anything for a frappuccino.

my cousin says she loves me because she thinks i'm easy to make fun of... do  you agree?

i made a discovery!... well actually my parents told me about it... anyway, when i was younger i had speech problems, due to hearing trouble, which i already knew about but what i didn't know about was what happened at a restaurant once... i couldn't find my silverwear and so i yelled out "where's my fork and spoon" but because of my speech problems there everyone thought i said "where's my fuckin spoon" and that was really bad becouse it was with my really stricked mom's side of the family.

in eighth grade, WE HAD THREE CLASS PET CHINCHILLAS... two girls and one boy, Isabella, Esperanza, and Eduardo. well we HAD three but then THEY HAD BABIES.

this is Haninozuka from ouran high school host club, don't let his looks fool you, he's really eighteen and a master of martial arts

i can't believe my grandma's getting married... i can't say i'm glad but i can't say i'm mad either since my grandma lives at least three hours away from all of her kids so i guess it's a good thing she won't be alone anymore... i guess i'm just bugged because i still miss my grandad... he only died four years ago.

my dentist was right, i guess i do need a tooth guard. i grind my teeth a lot.

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