Just for your information: i have read/watched at least part of if not all of each of the animes/mangas listed below and it is rare for me to quit part way through so if i haven't finished all of it i probably was unable to find the end of it and nothing pisses me of more than reading chapters and chapters of a manga just to be unable to finish it when i get to the good part... DAMN! so if you know of a place where the ones with asterisks(*) next to them are completed please tell me!


jyu oh sei



dear boys

onigai teacher

sorry not many in this list but most of the animes i watch are also available in manga



1/2 prince-*


absolute boyfriend

Kamen teacher-*

Beauty pop

ai hime~Ai to himegoto

akuma to dolce-*

beast master

beauty is the beast

bloody kiss

girl got game

hana kimi

kitchen princess

millinium snow-*

new prince of tennis

record of fallen vampire


3x3 eyes


the prince of tennis

zombie loan

skip beat

air gear

aishiteruze baby

alice 19th

alice academy

Beck: mongolian chop squad

black cat


busou renkin

chibi vampire

code geass


elemental gelade

eureka seven

flame of recca

fruits basket

full metal alchemist

full moon wo sagashite

fushigi yuugi



midori days


one piece



special A

Zombie loan

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