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(below) this is a photo of Fuji Syusuke, one of the hottest guys on the Prince of tennis. thanks for this picture goes to Egushi from deviantart.com. also i just picked this pic because it was fuckin awesome, if you want to know what fuji really looks like he's in the right column lower on the page. oh yeah in case i ever get random on this website... I BLAME MY ADHD!!! stupid short attention span... wait what was i talking about again.

 About me... these are changing almost every week

current fav anime: The prince of tennis

current fav manga: tied between 1/2 prince and loveless

currently reading: A Song for Summer by Eva Ibbotson

current mood: EXCITED about my new website

fav extracurricular: bikeriding or volleyball

contact info: Jesartist18@yahoo.com

Animaniacs prepare this website is entirely dedicated to sharing animes and mangas along with original stories.

for instance a couple of good anime/mangas that you may know or not are... +anima, 1/2 prince, air gear, beast master, beck, black cat, bleach, chobits...etc. there are infinite numbers of awesome animes and mangas. AND PLEASE... if you noticed i posted an anime or manga you like and you want to discuss it. i'd love to becouse few of my friends have read as many or as much variety i have.

I love feedback on my stories or pics so after looking at any of them please tell me what you think. not all the pics are mine if i post an original pic i'll let you know.

Most of my original stories are about demons, vampires, or powers of some kind. Just fair warning, i'm really into that stuff at the moment. hehehe... especially vampires. Also fair warning, most of my stories are just getting started. i've had the ideas in my head for FOREVER but have just gotten around to typing them up but if you see a story that interests you feel free to come and check up because i'm always updating them.

Below is a picture of Fuji Syusuke, a tennis prodigy, from the prince of tennis. this pic is from episode 27, i believe.

 Short Bio: i actually have not been into anime as long as a bunch of others have, i didn't even get into anime until 5th or 6th grade, that was only six years ago. thanks to a friend of mine named Laura Tribo, who got me into "fruits basket" but we got into a big fight right before she left that school and i haven't talked to her since. and after that i kind of went away from anime for a while because of how much i hated her, if i were to see her now i'd probably end up punching her out, but thats of little importance becouse in 8th grade i met Kelsey Clark who one day happened to be reading "fruits basket" it had been 2 years but i thought that that book sounded familiar and it did so i talked her into lending it to me next thing i know i spent like a hundred bucks on fruits basket mangas because she was missing a bunch of the volumes of it and wouldn't let me skip ahead and i'm glad she didn't, but back then and even now, i have friends just almost none of them are as into anime as i am. back in 8th grade, by the way there were only like 12 kids in my class, Kelsey was the only one besides me who was into anime, well actually in all truth i was into anime without even realizing it, i used to watch naruto and the prince of tennis long before i even knew it was anime. and now i'm going onto to senior year in high school, with 400 kids in my class and i still only have one friend who is as into it as i am, and one friend who is kinda into it. and i thought it would be fun to make my own website where i could do whatever i want.

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