Demonic Kingdom

Chapter 1: the war start to finish

the demons in the story were once living in the forest that was unpopulated by humans and no humans even lived within a 500 mi. radius so they didn't even think about others sharing the same planet. Also of course neither did the humans but in this crazy world there are accidents. Their were two stupid boys who decided they wanted to visit that place, just so they could brag to their friends, when they arrived they were unnoticed and they stayed that way long enough to discover that demons were real and get their asses out of there before they were found and killed. They ran/sailed/drove all the way back to their town and told everyone. At first no one believed them, they thought they were crazy, but some fellow crazy people believed them and went to that place to but they weren't as fortunate as the first two stupid boys. They were found and they were killed.

The people in their town noticed they hadn't returned and people believed that their might actually be something to this story of monsters. Soon everyone was talking about it. The Secretary of defense could not let something like this go on and he started organizing the troops for an attack. Meanwhile, in the demonic forest, the demons couldn't care less about the humans. Whether they were alive or dead, the demons already had all the animals they needed for food right there in the forest. However, there was no way they were going to let it go when the humans attacked them. An all out war began. But, unfortunately, the humans didn't stand a chance, the demons obliterated all the soldiers. The remaining went to the demons and begged, on their hands and knees, for their lives. The war had not lasted one month before it ended.

The demons thought of this as amusing and looking around them at the city decided that maybe they could get some enjoyment out of this. They declared that they would spare the humans lives but only if the humans served them, and they took over the city and human civilization. That is how the demonic kingdom began.

Chapter 2: the newly awakened

it has been a decade since the mayhem between humans and demons broke lose and now most of the places humans used such as movie theaters, which are now in ruins; also there are seldom any restaurants, only a few are needed to feed the humans and they are only the ones closest to the mansion the demons forced the humans to build. What's worse is that the demons closed down all the hospitals since they have no use for them and all the patients were left there to fend for themselves or die. The hospitals are now full of dead bodies... well except for one.

In room 56 floor 3 there was a girl, sixteen years old, she had light almost golden skin and natural silver hair that seemed to shimmer in the sunlight that flowed in through the window. She was lying there with her eyes closed; the breeze coming in through the window surrounding the unmoving body. She seemed almost preserved as if completely untouched by time, her whole body and mind appeared at peace. Her eyes suddenly began to flicker until completely open focusing in on the blurred ceiling. She slowly turned her head toward the window, her violet eyes squinting from the brightness of the sun.

She slowly rose and stretched her arms then looked around as if she was unsure if it was reality or a dream or in this case a nightmare. The windows broken with shredded drapery and an inch of dust covering every square inch of the rotting wood. She walked over to the dresser and pulled out her close, which was well in a few words “out of date” considering they were clothes she had worn 12 years ago and were now way too small. So she walked slowly down the hall in her patients gown, noticing everyone was dead and there were no doctors or nurses she began looking in each room for a person who appeared of the same age and size as her, once she found one she looked in their drawers for clothes; she took off the patients robe and put on the other persons clothes saying “don't mind if I borrow this.” then she walked out, went downstairs, and out the door. She was tall and slender with the beauty of the rose as her skin was bathed in sunlight. But she was barely outside of the hospital for five minutes before she was captured and taken to the mansion.

chapter 3: the new girl

Once at the mansion the demons in charge of that area questioned her. But, she herself didn't now anything about herself. The questioning went like this “who are you” “i don't know” “why were you in the hospital” “i don't know” “do you think we're stupid” was his last question as he was losing his temper and she answered with the same monotone voice she use to answer all the other questions “no.” All the demons were getting fed up “it's no use, she can't answer anything” said one. “I'm not sure if she stupid or just acting” said another. “Just get her some servants clothes and take her to the servants sleeping quarters.” said the most powerful one (the one in charge; she was a female vampire) so they did as she said.

She was taken to the servants quarters and told what her job was going to be by the other servants and once that was all over she questioned them about what the heck was going on. She was given the job of being the janitor of the cafeteria where the younger demons ate; that was the job no one wanted because no one in their right mind wanted to be near the demons when they ate, but she was indifferent.

Apparently the younger demons had worse tempers than the adults and when they are bored would sometimes scare or even kill the servants for amusement. Therefore, no human in their right mind would want that job that's why they passed the job over to the new girl.

This girl may not remember anything about herself but one thing she noticed since she woke up is that she could remember every detail of everyone and everything she had seen or heard. She had photographic and phonographic memory. But for some reason her memory had been wiped clean, so she headed to her first day on the job.

She walked into the cafeteria and within seconds every demon had their eyes on her, their new toy. She immediately started working sweeping, wiping up spilled food, and mopping with more speed than any servant before her apparently the servants before her couldn't stop thinking about the fact they were surrounded by demons, while she completely disregarded it; but all the time she kept her ears open listening to the demons conversations and putting voices and names with faces.

She had just finished cleaning already and right as she grabbed the handle of the door to leave a shiver ran down her spine. She turned and used the mop handle to shield herself from the knife that was thrown at her. It was deflected and she walked out leaving behind a bewildered bunch of demons wondering what just happened and how she knew it was coming, but in reality she didn't know either. How did she know that a knife was coming her way, it was a mystery. She decided it would be best to just forget it and went on to her other job which was once again a grunt job it was to feed all the demons pets (all demon animals)

Chapter 4: the unique servant, Kaiyuki

The girl had now been working for about a week. She is already getting sick of all the other maids and their complaining. But currently she just finished feeding the animals and is now on her way to the cafeteria, when BAM she ran into a demon or more like he ran into her. A male cat demon with hair, a soft shade of red, “hey watch it will ya” he said but she didn't seem to care, she just got up, smiled, held out her hand, and said “gomenasai Kikumaru-sama” with a kind voice. He took hold of her hand and she helped him up. He was too shocked for words at first because she was the first maid who didn't run off or tremble when making eye contact with a demon; but he found words after she asked him “where were you in such a hurry to get to?” he responded “I'm starving, I was on my way to the cafeteria.” he glanced over at her half expecting her to get nervous since demons are carnivores. But she just grinned and said “then I guess that means we are heading the same way.” and once again she never fails to shock.

They walked to the cafeteria together; kikumaru continually glancing over at her then he suddenly realizes what she had said before “Hey how did you know my name?!” she looked at him “huh” she said, then he repeated himself “how did you know my name?!!” even louder this time. She looked down this time then stated “i have photographic memory, and I heard others in the cafeteria call you by name before” he then said “okay, you know who I am but I have no clue who you are besides you being a maid. Who are you?” “who am I?” she repeated and he nodded then she started thinking; she hadn't thought about what she would be called since she doesn't know her real name, everyone had just been calling her new girl. “my name? Um call me... Kaiyuki” she said finally “Kaiyuki?” he asked making sure he had heard right “uh huh or kai for short.” she seemed to be happier than before. 

She then walked into the cafeteria. Kikumaru followed then went to join his friends. “hey Kikumaru, what took you so long, and more importantly why were you with that maid” said one of his friends. He explained himself “i was running because I was extremely hungry then I ran into her” but one of his friends asked “if you were so hungry why didn't you just eat her?” but the thought hadn't even occurred to him for once. “i don't know, she is just so different from all the other maids. If it was any other maid I would have eaten them in a heartbeat.” “yeah I know what you mean she's really unique; I ran into her yesterday. And for some reason she already knew my name.” said one of the other demons from another table then several of the other demons who had remained quiet until then, just listening to the conversation, suddenly agreed “yeah same with me” “but I don't even know her name” added another of the demons but kikumaru told them “i just asked her today... she said to call her Kai, it's short for kaiyuki.”

Everyone just stared at her unable to figure out what she could possibly be thinking. She always had this calm, cool, and collected aura about her; but her voice was kind and gentle, while her smile was as bright as the sun.

They hadn't tried to mess with her or hurt her since the third time when she blocked it once again. In fact she was the first maid in the decade that demons ruled that they actually took a liking to, but they weren't the only ones.

One of the animals that she was NOT in charge of feeding due to the fact that this particular demon animal is under lock and key a lot of the time, it will eat any human that comes near it usually; it suddenly burst through the door. Every demons defenses were put on high to defend Kaiyuki if it were to attack. The demons themselves didn't even know exactly why they wanted to save her, they didn't know it was possible for them to like her, a human. But she wasn't scared one bit. The demon animal went straight for Kaiyuki with a speed so great the demon boys couldn't stop it but Kai did when it pounced at her she, with perfect timing, did a half back-flip and kicked it away from underneath. The demon boys were out of earshot so they didn't hear, but she said something to the demon two-tailed tiger and next thing they knew it was tamed and purring like a pussy-cat. Kai just sat there and petted it on the head while the boys just stared with their mouths wide open. Kai was definitely one of a kind.

Intermission: Authors explanation

As far as you know...: the demons have taken over; movie theaters and hospitals are now nothing but crumbled ruins restaurants for humans are now scarce; Kai was in a comma in one of those buildings and is now a maid at the mansion; Kai has no memories of her past; Kai is basically fearless; all the demons seem to like Kai even the animals; Kai has good reflexes and is stronger than most other humans

But stuff you should know that I haven't told you is...: the boy and girl demons are separated from each other kind of like segregation only for genders, because the boys would slaughter the male servants and the girls would slaughter the female servants. Therefore the male servants serve the girl demons and the female servants serve the boy demons, The segregation only applies to the younger demons. The demons mostly have power limiters, so they don't appear that different, however, most still have something different about them, for example Kikumaru has Cat ears and a cat tail

The humans chores and free time...: the humans are each assigned certain chores; once they are done with there chores they are free to do as they please as long as it doesn't involve trespassing or getting in the way of the demons; the humans eat at the few remaining restaurants.

What you need to know for future reference: there are kids, when I said they could do anything in their free time that included sex; there are a few servants who chores are to take care of the babies, future servants; the kids need to be trained to work.

Chapter 5: Her caring side

It is just another day at the mansion only now Kai has been stuck with a trainee, and once again they put what they don't want on her. The child she has been stuck with is the one that no one else could train. The child is unable to do anything right and is the biggest screw-up of all, but just like with everything else she never turns down a challenge.

She walked into the cafeteria with little girl following closely behind. The demons, who (as stated previously) had taken a liking to kai, are getting fed up with all the other maids dumping all their baggage on Kai. They even considered killing the kid hoping to make things easier for Kai but as soon as it was brought up kai started walking over, she had heard everything they were talking about, she assured them she was alright and wanted to follow this through so they shouldn’t do anything. They were constantly put off guard by this maid, she just had the option to get rid of extra work that was forced on her but she refused.  Just after they had offered to help her the little girl spilled all the mop water. Everyone was mad and she got scared, she put up her arms to block her face, as if preparing to get hit then flinched when kai touched her but then lowered her defense when she realized she wasn’t hit. Kai touched her cheek and wiped away a tear as if reassuring her there was nothing to fear. She went to grab a mop from the maids cart and put it in the girls hand then guided her around the floor helping her to both not slip and not drop the mop and make a bigger mess; then she grabbed her dry washcloth from the corner and told her now that the floor is clean they need to get the excess water wiped up before someone slips, but just then another maid who had come to check on the girl slipped. She got up and glared straight at the little girl, then moving as fast as possible without slipping again raised her hand to slap her but Kai grabbed her risk “this girl his my responsibility, not yours, you have no right to take her punishment into your hands! Now I strongly suggest you get back to your job before you get punished for being late.” She said with a slightly evil grin that said get out of here before I kick your ass for interfering with my work. Kai is caring and protective for the weak, kind to the strong and a bitch to the weak but arrogant who complain constantly.

Chapter 6: Kai falls ill

Several weeks have passed by since that day and a lot has happened. For one all the other maids are starting to hate her due to the fact that all of the demons have started to like her, one day they had decided another way they would try to get her to screw up and even worse they were going to make her screw up right in front of Mistress Rose, the most powerful of all the demons. “I’m not feeling so good today,” one of the girls complained to Kai, “do you think you can cover for me, my shift isn’t until after yours in the cafeteria.” She begged with her best puppy dog eyes. Kai already knew what they were planning but she didn’t care, there was no way she was about to back out of a challenge. “sure I’ll take your shift for you” so that was when she got a chance to meet the leader for a second time. The job was merely to serve her and the other higher ups. She made the same impact on them that she had made on the young boy demons on her first day at the job. The nefarious plan had failed, even worse it back fired. It was during that time she became really popular among the demons but immensely hated by the other servants, then one day suddenly and without warning she did something she had never done before in the whole time she had been working there. she skipped and all the demons were wandering what had happened so they went straight to the head to see if she was working there now and she wasn't. the head was afraid that they may have given her to much freedom and she used it to run away but before jumping to conclusions they started toward the servants quarters and they were almost there when they saw the little trainee running toward them crying and screaming, "she won't wake up, she won't wake up!!!" usually behavior of this sort would get them killed in a heartbeat but due to the fact that it was apparent who she was talking about and they were all fond of her they all got in too much of a hurry to care about her disrespect. when they got to the servants quarters they literally busted through the door and really freaked out the maids who within five seconds were all cowering in the corner. the little trainee, who's name has not been mentioned yet (her name is Kohana, Hana for short) led them to where she sleeps. she was breathing heavily gasping for air her beautiful face was drained of color her eyes were closed tight and you could clearly see the pain on her face. Hana's tears increased "she's gotten worse... She-she's going to die" Hana said remorsely. Hana was more scared now at the thought of losing Kai than she was ever of being eaten by demons. before she met Kai she spent almost every second in fear, if not fear of being eaten then fear of being beaten for screwing up but when she was put under Kai's care all her fears disappeared from the first time Kai touched her and told her it was all okay. the head took charge "Kikumaru, do you know where Kai came from" she asked and he shook his head "she was found wandering out of a hospital, the one two blocks down east of here, take some others and go there and search their patients files for one on Kai to see why she was there in the first place" she said


            “Monster!” a voice yelled, shadows surrounded him, a poor child, victim of circumstance, was trying to defend himself. He shouted and shouted denying their claims of him being a “monster.” everything was dark, a single spotlight shone solely on him, he was alone in the center of all the shadows and faceless people all yelling with their attention on him “beat it, get lost, you’re not wanted here” were few of the many insults thrown at him. As he tried to tune them out they got louder and louder, he began to prep for running away, he jumped up and stared back at all the people their insults had hurt him bad. Just as he ran a few steps he heard another voice that stood out among all the others, a girl yelled “shut up, all of you!” he froze and turned to see who it was but there was only darkness. The girl’s voice continued, “How would you like to be attacked without cause! The only monsters here are you!” everyone goes quiet and a second spotlight appeared showing a beautiful girl incased in blinding light. She had gorgeous golden brown hair with a pale rosy complexion and a gentle smile as she approached him the people cleared way for her. She reached out her hand gently touching his face and comforting him. He was so much in shock he lost ability to stand and resorted to kneeling. He opened his mouth to thank her and ask her name but no words came out. He just continued to stare straight up at her getting lost in her deep blue eyes. He opened his mouth a second time prepared to speak but just as he began he heard another voice “hey wake up already you brat!” the girl vanished, everything went dark, and he opened his eyes. It had all been a dream.”

He sat up and stared into space for a while his mind was racing and full of questions, his big brother/ roommate was standing over him partially glaring with his usual judgmental look. “Get up already we’re late for school! You’re a dragon quit looking so pathetic in the morning!” he yelled and yes the people were partially right he and most of the other “monsters” in this story are monsters in body not quite in mind… unless you piss them off, but it’s not like they randomly attack people. They are currently living deep in the forest; they even have their own civilization, also they are pretty safe from outsider discovery due to how far they live from humans and if any humans were daring enough to come all the way to where they are they are killed on sight. But, despite preferring to remain unknown and reluctant to interact with humans, they ever so often send someone to town to see what is going on and if the humans are planning anything such as, deforestation in that area, currently they sent Hana, a fox demon, to go to town. Kei crawls out of bed and glares back in a way that says “get off my back” he then throws on his clothes and hit the door. “Where are you going? School’s the other way!” Kyo, his older brother, yelled after him, but Kei didn’t look back, he was in a hurry. He wanted to get to Ms. Hitsugaya’s house to ask her for her diagnoses of his dream, since Ms. Hitsugaya has always been better at that and always tries to get Kei to tell her about all of his dreams since she figured that they may be glances of the future, but today Kei came on his own due to curiosity. after explaining his dream in great detail to Hitsugaya and she couldn’t believe it all the former dreams of his have been leading up to this and she had a feeling that they had to go to town and try to find this girl but for now Hitsugaya only told him to go to class and after he left she came up with a plan. During lunch Kei sat with his usual friends and when they asked why he was late for first period he told them about his dream usually they listen and try to guess what his next vision will be about but this time they just laughed. None of them could believe that any human could accept any of them. They finished lunch and headed back to class.

Hana, the fox demon, who was sent to town, is still not back and she should have returned yesterday so they decided someone should go and look for her and Hitsugaya had just the person or people. she headed straight to Kei’s class “hey sorry for interrupting” she started then she continued “Hana is missing and we need a few people to go look for her” everyone’s faces dropped, Hana was one of those people, or in this case demons, that everyone likes; she is actually pretty young which is actually a good reason to send her because if the person asking questions is young it can simply be classified by humans as being curios instead of ignorant or stupid. Everyone started volunteering, they all wanted the safe return of Hana but Hitsugaya stepped in “sorry but only a few can go and I know one person I think should go and he’ll decide who else goes.” then she looked toward Kei “Kei make sure you pick a good group” everyone’s gaze turned to him and he nodded.

Kei Wanijima is on his way to town now with six of his friends: Yoshi Fujimoto, Taro Mori, Aiko Suzuki, Gin Tamura, Yuki Shimamura, and Kyo Inoue. On their trip there were mainly two rules, don’t use your powers and don’t show your demon form, as long as they follow those everything should be okay, well as long as they find Hana and don’t draw too much attention to themselves. Also thanks to their demon speed they reached the town within minutes even though it would have taken humans several hours on foot. They had only been walking a short while when they heard a commotion, three boys had begun to pick on a young girl just because she’s not from that area. It was Hana! it started with just teasing but when one of them pushed her she bit back, not with her fangs or they would know something was up, but fangs or no fangs it pissed them off so they resorted to actual kicking and punching, plus she isn’t able to fight back without her powers. They got extremely pissed when they saw this and were about to run to help Hana since they’d at least have a size and strength advantage over the kids even without their powers but all of a sudden some other girl ran to the rescue “what the hell do you think you’re doing” she yelled and the boys, irritated that they were interrupted of course pinned the blame on her “she was the one who started it” they yelled but she just glared at them blocking their path to Hana then she said in a stern and almost scary voice “I don’t care who started it I’m ending it! You boys went to far now get lost!” then she turned to an injured Hana and her attitude changed so suddenly that it was shocking Hana flinched when the girl reached out her hand to help her up, she was afraid that the girl would also hurt her but then she realized nothing was happening and she looked up toward the girl and grabbed the outstretched hand. The girl smiled and helped her up then grabbed a first aid kit out of her purse; apparently she has a habit of helping injured people and animals. She then gently held the injured areas and quickly bandaged them luckily all she had were a few bruises and cuts nothing to serious. The worst thing she had was one sprained ankle which should heal in a few days or for her since she’s a demon, one night. then the girl with a gentle smile asked her if she needed any help finding her parents but that’s when the others stood up “she’s with us” Kei said and at that moment she turned to face them and for the first time they got a good look at her Kei’s jaw dropped. He had seen her before! She was the girl in his dream! “Uh thanks for helping Hana” he managed to say. The girl just giggled slightly “no problem” them she turned to Hana “So your name is Hana. It suits you.” she said in the friendliest way possible then turning back to the others “I’ve never seen you guys before, are you knew in town” she asked but Yoshi quickly explained “we’re just visiting. Oh I’m Yoshi and Hana is my little sister” everyone looked at her and admired her speedy response. That’s precisely Kei’s reason for bringing Yoshi; she is great at creating and remembering stories so they don’t have to worry about forgetting any of it. “Nice to meet you, my name’s Yuuna Date. What about the rest of you?” she asked. Every one introduced themselves. Taro Mori was first, he was pretty cute, he had short spiky black hair and black eyes; he also had a pale complexion without looking unhealthy and he was quite muscular without looking like a bodybuilder or some one who tries to hard; next was Aiko Suzuki who was also quite beautiful she had medium length brown hair with violet streaks in it to match her amethyst eye color. thirdly, Gin Tamura introduced herself the two before her seemed calm while she seemed a bit hyper and energetic, she had bright blond hair and sky blue eyes and following Gin was Yuki who had extremely dark brown hair that could easily be mistaken as black and pale blue eyes, that appeared to be able to see threw anything and perhaps could, since he’s a demon. Yuki was like the first two extremely calm completely unlike the next person, Kyo who undoubtedly could use some anger management classes but at least knows how to use his powers. He had reddish hair and just as red eyes, they used color contacts as an excuse as to why he has that eye color.  Kei introduced himself; he had dirty blondish hair and bright green eyes. Yoshi then reintroduces herself, she has dark orangish hair and dark hazel eyes she not quite hyper like Gin but wasn’t as calm and expressionless at the moment as the others and last but not least Hana introduced herself she had the same hair color as Yoshi which is the main reason Yoshi said they were sisters but Hana had greenish eyes instead of hazel. “how’d you know we were from out of town” Yuki asked then Yuuna said that she liked to make it a point to know most of the people in town because there are too many people who don’t get noticed so she wanted to notice them. They thought that sounded like a pretty nice explanation. “So where are you from?” she asked suddenly scaring the shit out of everyone. Everyone was quiet until Hana spoke up “we’re from Nagoya” she said and just so you know they are now in Kyoto. All the demons are now staring at Hana in a way that says “how the hell did you know that” but none dared say that out loud since Yuuna seemed to have bought it but of course they hadn’t given her reason not to believe them. Things got quiet for a second so Yuuna decided to make an offer “since you guys are visiting, why don’t I show you around for a while” everyone eagerly accepted the invitation.

They walked for quite a long time and Yuuna tried her best to be a good tour guide. Then Yuuna suddenly told everyone to wait where they were for a minute while she went to talk to a friend about something and during that time they had some conversing of their own. “How did you come up with that city” Kei asked Hana “well it is my job to find out stuff is it not? I found out that Nagoya has been having some problems there, so I hoped that maybe it would get her to not try and pry so much, plus I didn’t want to leave yet and I knew we’d have to run for it if she figured anything out and I still want to talk to her. I’m really grateful to her for helping me” and among the spoken reasons there were also extremely obvious reasons that did not need to be spoken for everyone to know; everyone already knew that they had a better chance at getting info about what the government is up to by hanging out with Yuuna. Suddenly something occurred to Kei, he had told them about his vision but not about the relation between that and Yuuna so he quickly got everyone’s attention and told them about how Yuuna is most definitely the girl from his vision and he told Hana the summary of it all. And now that they were all in sync about everything they turned their attention to Yuuna who they could see practically begging someone for something they couldn’t see what; but, then, the two hugged and Kei felt a bit jealous although he wasn’t sure why, Yuuna waved by to the boy as he walked back then she headed back to the rest of the group. The friends who had laughed at his vision now looking at Yuuna had more faith in it and hope that perhaps it could be true but that doesn’t mean they were about to just tell her.

Now that Yuuna is back to the group Yoshi was the one to ask what everyone was thinking “who were you talking to” and the first thing Yuuna clarified was that he was just a friend and that was a “thank you” hug then she explained what she was thanking him for “I had tennis club today and I’m in the middle of showing you around, I wouldn’t want to just hand you off to someone else unless you want me to.” She winked at them and they shook their heads then she continued “I needed to find someone to cover for me when the coach starts questioning people about my whereabouts, so when I say Ando, that’s his name, I thought he’d be perfect to cover for me” as soon as she finished her explanation a large “growl” is heard. Yuuna starts laughing “sound like you hungry” she says when she is finished laughing then she led them to the closest restaurant because she believed they really needed food fast and now wasn’t the time to picky. They walked into Ganko Sushi and got seated right away. Kei and his friends had a sort of blank look like they had no clue what they should eat first so Yuuna made some suggestions and everyone ate. just a few minutes later a group of six people came in. There was Aya Ki talking to Akira Mori and Daisuke Fujita, behind them were Haru Ogata who is quietly listening to Kyoko Ishida and right behind them was Ando Tsubasa. Yuuna called out to them.


 Hana and the vampire prince

This is the story of Hana the orphan. Hana’s parents were strong supporters or vampires even when everyone else was against them but they were ironically killed by vampires, Level E vampires. They had kept Hana a secret due to the dangerousness of their ideals among other humans, they didn’t want Hana to be treated poorly should anything happen to them. But being kept secret didn’t mean she was always alone; in fact she spent most of her time playing with VAMPIRE children. She herself was fully aware why she couldn’t play with other humans or go out in public during the busy hours of the day, so when her parents were gone she figured it would be best to accept the invitation of the pureblood vampires who had befriended her parents. Well that was the plan her mother had come up with “if anything ever happens to us go to the purebloods they’ll protect you and even raise you; it is up to you whether you become a vampire or stay a human. Tell them which and they’ll make sure you are what you want to be” she said but during the attack of the Level E’s while evading them, she hit her head and lost her memories. She ended up wandering around town in a daze and passed out. when she woke up she was in the hospital and everyone was asking her what happened and where her parents are she could honestly say she couldn’t remember they asked around town and everywhere but no one had reported a missing child; they concluded that she was a wandering orphan and of course sent her to the nearest orphanage, but it would be hard for her to be adopted since no one knows where she came from, but she didn’t hang around waiting to be adopted she got bored of the orphanage and didn’t care if she got adopted so she escaped, found an abandoned house, and did a little cheap renovation. In fact the only reason any of them knew her name was because it was written on the tag of her shirt and a fake last name also.

Hana is now sixteen years old. she has been working her way through school well was because since her teacher made her take an IQ test and it was clarified that she was a super genius, she had long since gotten bored of middle school and tested out of it along with high school but she knew a college degree was a necessity so she decided to go to college with a full scholarship so she wouldn’t be stuck at a community college and she has finally finished since she was a super genius and college was easier for her than most others she had managed to get it done in half the time and decided to go for two majors in music and art since she has always been pretty creative, and she has a minor in writing. so now that she is done with all levels of school she got a part-time job so she could hang out with her friends after they get out of school; however, she couldn’t help but notice that she is extremely different from her friends, sometimes it was even like they belonged in two different worlds but that’s not the most of it. Lately she has been having visions and strange dreams along with flashbacks, but they are all shattered memories like a puzzle that needs to be put together to see what it is. She has had flashes of fangs and flowing red, full moons, starry nights and bodies dead on the floor. Constant headaches begin to haunt her and memories plague her without explanation questions surround her every thought “who are those dead people” “why am I seeing blood” and the most frequent and oldest of the questions that has been plaguing her since she was a child in the orphanage “why can’t I remember everything and what happened to my parents”

The knowledge of vampires has been abundant for a long time and a few rules were posted a long time ago. These were the rules:

  1. 1.      no going out after dark
  2. 2.      if you do go out after dark you must not be alone and must have garlic of some kind; even though the garlic does very little to prevent an attack
  3. 3.       and last of all keep your house well lit at night at least at all your doors and windows

Hana like everyone else had heard these rules and was warned about the vampires only unlike everyone else she paid no attention to the rules. She loved the night and the peace and quiet that came with it. She also preferred to be alone; having another person with her would ruin her peace and quiet. She also wasn’t afraid so she felt no need for the garlic which she wasn’t even positive worked and she also believed there was nothing to lose with her life since she still can’t remember her past and her parents. She also found extremely bright fluorescent or artificial light to be extremely annoying so her house was almost always dark besides some candles which are only lit at night since she thinks the sun is the only light you need during the day. Also she does some of her best thinking alone in the moonlight so she goes on a walk almost every night and usually never has any problems with any vampires amazingly. But how long can a girl go wandering empty streets at night in a town full of vampires without meeting any?

It is a beautiful night, it’s warm and clear and you can almost see every star in the sky as soon as you get out of the residential district full of scared morons with their lights blaring into the night. So, Hana decided it would be the perfect night to go for a walk. She walked out of her neighborhood and straight down main street stars as the only light since the stores had long since started closing BEFORE dark. She turned on several streets, she turned left then right then right again then left again, she had been in that town so long she had great confidence in her sense of direction and would not get lost, but then suddenly a chill ran down her spine and a gust of wind went past, she saw bats flying left and right all of them looking hungry. She wasn’t afraid but she wasn’t going to just stand there and neither was she about to be stupid and run from people ten times faster and stronger then her so she ducked in a nearby ally. But unfortunately she wasn’t alone in that ally before she knew it she was grabbed from behind and she could feel the breath of someone behind her on her neck the grip tightened as she could feel his fangs closing in on their target, they touched but didn’t pierce, there was a pause and while the grip stayed the fangs went back slightly, so the boy could ask “where’s the terrified scream” he said with a grin “aren’t you going to scream for help like everyone else does?” Hana just took a deep breath “why spend my last seconds screaming its not like it would help you’d have bitten me and be finished with me by the time anyone showed up anyway.” She finally said then she managed to pry one arm free and lightly touched his ear “besides” she continued “I’m sure you hear enough screaming already, it must hurt your ears.” The vampire boy was quite stunned she was the first human to ever do or say anything to any vampire like that. Without knowing it his grip on her loosened and she got out of his grip he was still expecting her to run and was ready for pursuit but when he looked towards the exit to the ally there she was. She could have started running no one was blocking her but she didn’t move. She stood there facing him. “What’s your name” she finally said and he told her. His name was Yuki, she stared at him for a little bit, as if examining him, he was average height with pale skin and silver hair his eyes were charcoal black however she could have sworn they were red a minute ago and they were. While she stared at him, he stared back examining HER. She had soft golden blond hair that framed her beautiful pale face, though not as pale as Yuki’s, she had deep dark azure eyes and glossy pink lips. “What’s your name?” he asked but she didn’t answer at first “what’s your name? It’s not fair to get someone else’s name without presenting your own.” He argued and he was ready to force her to tell him her name then she just calmly smiled and introduced herself “My name is Hana Morishita nice to meet you” he smiled back revealing his fangs then closed his mouth for once he didn’t want a human to see his fangs. She giggled all of a sudden stopped and had this kind of inquisitive look on her face “so you aren’t going to bite me?” she asked and he responded “nah I’m not that hungry tonight anyway” but no sooner did he say that then his stomach started growling his cheeks turned slightly red, he told her to be careful going home and then he flew off and she headed back home as she got home, the sun was already starting to rise. She had been standing in that ally way talking to him for hours even though few words were said, so she picked up her cell, called in sick to work and went to bed. “What a night” she thought thinking back on all that had transpired that night.

The vampires layer looks like an ordinary house because of a hologram but is really an abandoned house and a huge one at that, with blackout curtains at every window so they are free to roam the house during the day if they want and meanwhile that is just what two of them are doing since Yuki’s growling stomach is keeping them up “If you’re so hungry, you should’ve had dinner, there’s plenty of FOOD in this town.” Haru said, then Yuki started stammering slightly “uh w-well you see I-I uh did go after one person” he said. Haru looked confused “what do you mean, I mean it’s not like they could have out ran you” he said then Yuki felt he had no choice but to tell his best and most trusted friend everything that happened since Haru knew how to keep a secret unlike some of the other vampires who like to gossip and spread rumors. And YES there are vampires who gossip too it is not just humans who do that. Well as Yuki finished telling his story Haru’s mouth stay open in awe but in awe of what? “That is a load of bull shit” he started “there is no way a human like that exists. Maybe it was just a trick to get you to let her go…” Haru was ready to go on but Yuki cut him off there “there is no way that was a trick and if it was then she’s a damn good actress! I am no fool and I would have known if she was being fake!” he began to yell but Haru being the good friend that he is covered his mouth so no one else would hear “don’t talk so loud, you’ll get in trouble if the others find out you let a human escape” he whispered but then he got an idea “if you’re so sure she didn’t trick you” he started “then why don’t we find out. You find her tomorrow night and point her out to me, I’ll confront her and I’ll be the judge as to whether she is acting or not” he plotted and they agreed.

it is ten o’ clock at night and the two boys are currently looking around town for Hana then Yuki thinks “what if she decided not to out at night anymore since she bumped into a vampire” then he got depressed “that would mean she really was just trying to get away” but just as that thought was crossing his mind he saw her. She was wandering around right down Main Street again, so he signaled Haru the plan was just for Haru to approach him and Yuki to quiet his stomach and grab a snack but he wanted to see what happened with his own eyes so he stayed low and watched.

Haru started the way Yuki had the night before attempting to bight her although he wasn’t positive he was going to go through with it, it depended on whether Yuki was right or he was. as soon as his fangs were an inch from her neck he noticed silence and started with the same question Yuki had the night before “why aren’t you screaming” she smiled “you know you’re the SECOND vampire to ask me that” she said “well what did you say to the last guy” Haru asked her and she told him “I told him the truth, the same thing I’m about to tell you. There would be no use in screaming, few would hear none would help and even if someone wanted to help they wouldn’t be able to make it in time.” he smiled thinking that Yuki was right either she is an extremely badass actress or she is really uniquely incredible. “why are you out at night” he asked her and told him if he’d let her go she’d tell him which her did because he knew if she’d tried to run away he could catch her. “Follow me” she said as she made her way to a fire escape and climbed to the roof while he just flew up there “why are we here” he asked. She smiled “you wanted to know why I’m out at night right?” he nodded and she told him “that’s why” she said pointing to the moon “it’s so beautiful. You can only see it at night you know. It’s always there but outshined by the sun. I guess I feel the same outshined and unnoticed. I guess vampires are like the stars. unlike the moon they aren’t out at day they only come out at night with the moon.” she ended it smiling then continued “but it’s not only the beauty of the moon because I could stare at it from home. The lights from the other houses are just too bright and there is never peace near my house at night because of the whimpering from fear of vampires. I guess I just fell in love with the peace” “so you’re not afraid of vampires at all?” he asked she looked at him “do you want me to be” then she did a REALLY bad impersonation of someone afraid of vampires and in a whisper “oh no a vampire someone save me” she said laughing then the mood became serious “am I afraid” she asked herself and looked back at Haru again “if I had to give an answer I guess I would have to say ‘yes’” Haru was shocked “the truth is I am afraid I’m just not going to run from them but I’m content with how things are, whether I die tonight or not I’m not going to die cowering like everyone else.” Haru let her go the same as Yuki the night before him “you were right” was the first thing he told Yuki when they were back home and Yuki smiled because honestly he had been worried that it had been a trick and was extremely relieved that it wasn’t but now they had to hurry because neither of them had eaten anything and the sun was on it’s way. They decided instead of hunting people down they decided animals would have to do even though they aren’t half as filling it will hold them till tomorrow night.

They went home and just in time too, Yuki’s mom was freaking out since there was no sign of his father and dawn was just minutes away too. “Yuki have you seen your father” she asked “he should be home by now” “Wait! This is bad, didn’t he say he was going to go spy on the government to see what their next plan of attack on the vampires was!” Yuki reasoned. They wanted to go look for him but the sun was rising and there wasn’t enough time. The wait was unbearable as they awaited the sun to go down so they could go and look for him. oh yeah uh there is something I forgot to mention Yuki and Masaru, his dad, and Hikaru, his mom, are the only purebloods around and are pretty much in charge like royalty in other words Yuki is a vampire prince, therefore the loss of one of the only three purebloods is a panic to all the vampires. the sun came and went all the same despite the restlessness of everyone, but almost immediately as the sun went down when they were about to go look for him he walked right in and with a few injuries which were bandaged in a human way “where on earth have you been?!!” they all yelled so he told them “this could take a while, everyone go get a quick bite then come back and then I’ll tell you.” so everyone did as he said and got something to eat then came back. Yuki and Haru looked for Hana but couldn’t find her this time so they headed back also and Yuki’s dad began to tell everyone “You all should know already why I was out all day. I did my job and I found out what they got. Getting in was the easy part getting out was completely different. They’ve developed new weapons, weapons that can take away our power” everyone was silent “they haven’t decided when to attack and don’t even know where we are thank goodness. So after I found all this out I, of course, tried to get the hell out of there, but like I said it didn’t go quite as I planned. inside that place was like a maze I got caught” everyone gasped “I got shot while trying to escape, my powers may have been gone but that didn’t mean I couldn’t run at all I was just slower I was running down the hall when all of a sudden I heard voices coming from around the corner. I was sure I was caught but then a random girl came out of nowhere. She pulled me by the arm through all the hallways and before I knew it we were outside but my powers still hadn’t returned and the sun was moments away she led me to an abandoned storage house and bandaged me up. I was hungry as hell at that moment but she saved my life so I at least left hers alone. She assured me that the weapon wasn’t perfected yet and the effects would wear off. She showed me all the best hiding spots in case people came looking for me there and she left. she came back just after sunset to let me out and my powers have come back just as she had said.” his story was finished and questions surrounded him mostly about the girl “what did she look like?” “Who was she?” “Did she work for the government?” “How old was she?” “What was her name?” he just held up his hand and signaled everyone to be quiet as he answered their questions “no she does not work for the government. she was beautiful and I guess she is about sixteen or seventeen and her first name was Hana I never got her last name and damn she looked familiar” Yuki and Haru both looked at each other both thinking “WHAT THE HELL?!!” then Yuki’s mom spoke up with a look of awe in her face “you said she was beautiful but you didn’t give us any specifics… b-by any chance did she have blond hair and blue eyes” Haru, Yuki, and Masaru all looked at her. “Hana Morishita! Where is she now” Hikaru exclaimed Masaru looked puzzled but Yuki spoke up “Haru and I might know” he said in a quiet voice everyone looked at the two of them now “how do you know her?” Haru asked Hikaru chuckled “we all know her, mostly because of her parents but we all know her. the question is does she know us?” everyone looked puzzled and that’s when the truth came out about Hana AND her parents along with the attack and what was supposed to happen to her when her parents were gone so the only reason for her to not be with them now was of course amnesia. “WAIT so the Hana I met the other night was the same Hana that I knew ten years ago!” he was shocked “so where is she” Hikaru asked. Yuki and Haru led them down Main Street “two nights in a row we’ve seen her down here” they kept looking and they never saw her than all of a sudden Haru made an observance he saw an extremely bright neighborhood with one dark house “that’s it” he yelled and everyone turned attention to it and headed that way “damn how do people sleep with it this bright” Haru said to which he heard a reply “it’s pretty dang hard, I’ll tell you that! I had to by black curtains just so I can get any shuteye around here” they looked up and on the balcony of the dark house was Hana “you brought friends?” she said with a smile and she jumped from the balcony onto the ground. “nice to meet you” Hana said with a smile Hikaru wasn’t that surprised and already knew the answer but asked anyway “you don’t recognize any of us?” and the anticipated answer was “no should i?” but the exact answer was a bit more precise “no I don’t, I’m sorry if I’ve met you before but I don’t remember anything before my sixth birthday, I’m sorry” she had a really sad look on her face as she spoke under her breath “but I really want to remember and have wanted to since I was a little kid.” and that made hikaru happy because that means she will be open to plans to recover her memories. Hikaru smiled “would you like us to try and help you remember” and that sparked Hana’s spirit

The secretive girls

It’s a beautiful day and it’s ruined by the fact that it’s the end of summer as everyone is heading to school. A girl named Mizuki seemed to be dreading it most, since she’s the new kid, “My first day at a new school, and I don’t know anyone there. I HATE moving! Why can’t I just stay in one town,” She murmered to herself on her way to school.

As she finally got to school she was late so she put on her most innocent face and sad-sounding voice and went in; she apologized for being late and interrupting class, but the teacher didn’t seem to mind since it was her firstday at that school, “go sit over in that chair by Azumi, she’s the tall one with medium length black hair.” Mizuki took her seat and Azumi whispered “Nice acting, but I’ve seen better, try stammering next time to sound more innocent.” Mizuki giggled a little and Azumi invited Mizuki to sit with her at lunch. Mizuki was thrilled it was only 5 minutes since she reached school and she already made a friend, Mizuki was medium height, not too tall not too short just right, she had beautiful wavy brown hair and sparkling amethyst eyes; she had pale skin that made her look fragile while her actions made her seem anything but fragile. Azumi was a beautiful girl also, the two of them together drew the attention of every guy in the cafeteria; Azumi was tall with amazing blue eyes and brilliant straight hair.

"so what brings you here in the middle of the school year" said azumi trying to strike up a conversation.

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